To boost future perspectives of talented young African women and to help them break through local and inherent restraints by exposing them to inspiring powerful women role models and friendly innovative technologies, talented young women from top universities/colleges from all over Africa are being positioned to be inspired, widen their opportunities and open windows on the world to their potential through technology. TADE’s CEO Ms. Doris Teye is a co-organizer of this initiative as ongoing quarterly sessions are planned and more talented young African women are networked with inspiring powerful role models.

TADE Group’s CEO Ms. Doris Teye hosted the first ever CISCO sponsored African Women Leadership Initiative on April 11, 2012 with Botswana’s Ambassador to the US, Her Excellency, Ambassador Seretse as the key note speaker. Ambassador Seretse’s message was inspiring and kept the rapt attention of all seventy (70) participants from over ten countries in Africa. Quarterly sessions continue and are beamed live over the very impressive and efficient Cisco’s Telepresence Technology. From Johannesburg to Cairo, Nairobi to Algiers, this was the first in the series of events lined up quartely with an equally impressive array of key note speakers each quarter. Last quarter, on September 23, from Algeria to South Africa, Egypt to Senegal, Nigeria to Morocco, 110 young women from across 13 African countries participated in this third event in the series.

With ongoing quarterly sessions, the next generation of African Women Leaders are being inspired and mentored by powerful iconic role models who have made it through local and inherent retraints and succeded in their lives and careers. See below and read about some of the initial impressive Distinguished Guest Speakers and Role Models.