Mission. TADE Group LLC is a social-value based management consulting firm whose mission is to create dramatic improvements in the performance of organizations and programs to enhance the social and economic wellbeing of people around the world. Differentiator. TADE uses a mix of business and social sector practices, tools and methods to reconfigure solutions to each task at hand. By integrating cost-effective, market based, and value-centered approaches to program implementation, TADE is able to increase effectiveness and sustainability while ultimately creating social benefits of change for our clients and the stakeholders they serve.

Our Certifications

Core Competencies

Program and Project Management

Orchestrating Elements That Make Change Happen

Human and Institutional Capacity Development and Training

Filling The Gaps In Knowledge And Skills That Drive Success

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning

Identifying The Drivers Of Impact For Better Decision Making

Digital transformation and IT Services

Leveraging A Mix Of Digital Technologies To Accelerate Impact

How We Work

TADE works with government agencies and commercial organizations in a consulting, contracting, or embedded in-house implementation specialists’ capacity with short or long-term engagements.

TADE achieves this by

  • Working at the intersection of change and innovation across sectors, practices and platforms
  • Leveraging deep expertise for data driven solutions in programming
  • Engaging its extensive network of global and local teams and partners to maximize resources for meaningful, sustainable and lasting change.

PEPFAR Kenya Project

Nairobi, Kenya

TADE research assistants, 162 strong, trained and ready to deploy across Kenya

Some of our work relates to the following organizations: